Welding procedure specification
18 May 2022


Safety and Precautions during welding

As in any welding process, safety precautions are very important. All information relating to the safe operation of the welding equipment and process must be fully understood before beginning work. A careless welder who does not observe some simple rules can cause a dangerous situation…
Standards on piping inspection
7 May 2022


Pipe Line Isometric Drawings and P & ID Drawings

Pipe Isometrics : Are drawings which shows details of Process pipe lines in a single line presentation , with details of pipes, pipe connections ( valves, flanges, nipples, reducers, end cap, elbow, etc), along with the dimensions and direction of ¬†pipe line. Example of a…
Welder Qualification
3 May 2022


Weld crack

Weld crack   1.1. Cracking: If a weld crack is found, it must be removed and magnetic-particle inspection performed to ensure every point has been removed before re-welding. Weld Crack can occur on top of a weld…