Here we would see How is Radiography testing used for finding defects?For Example look at the RT film here

Find the Defect inside the Casting?

Radiography Testing

Answer: Shrinkage – Sponge Shrinkage

Shrinkage are volumetric defects caused during solidification of casting after pouring.It is caused due to inadequate metal to fill the shrink areas during cooling.

Shrinkage are classified into four types
1) Linear Shrinkage
2) Feathery Shrinkage
3) Sponge Shrinkage and
4) Combined Shrinkage

The best non destructive testing method to find the defect is Radiography or X Ray Testing.

The given image is Film Radiography image of a steel casting with a hole type IQI placed on the area of interest, where a film sensitivity of 2-2T is achieved.

The defect identified in the film is Sponge Shrinkage of level 5 as per reference images given ASTM E446.

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