17 June 2022


Material Testing

Material testing Mechanical testing  have been designed to test several weld properties.Few other material testing techniques are Charpy V-Notch Toughness: Notch toughness is the capacity that a material possesses to absorb energy in the presence of a flaw, such as a notch or crack. The material will…
Mechanical testing
10 June 2022


Mechanical Tests – Tensile Test – Impact test

Mechanical tests. Mechanical tests (exclusive of hardness) have been designed to test several weld properties. 1.    Tensile Test:    Tensile tests are conducted on specimens machined from a test weld and are used to measure the strength of the weld joint. Specimens are usually taken perpendicular to…
ndt testing on pressure vessel
20 February 2021


Pressure Vessel Inspection- Non Destructive Testing In Service

What is pressure vessel? Pressure vessel is closed container which holds liquids or gasses at a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure. Definition of Pressure vessel as per ASME BPVC section VIII , Div 1, U1. Pressure vessel are containers for containment of pressure, either external…