welder training
12 January 2024


Welder Training at AQC school of Welding Excellance

🔥 Forge Your Future in Welding Excellence! Enroll at AQC School of Welding Excellance Today! 🔥   Are you passionate about welding and ready to turn that passion into a lucrative career? Look no further! 🛠️ Here’s why AQC Welding training school is the gateway to…
welding institute
5 December 2023

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Forge Mastery at AQC Welding Institute

🌟 Forge Mastery at AQC Welding Institute – Where Precision and Quality Unite! 🌟 🔥 Ignite Your Welding Journey with Unparalleled Expertise! 🔥 Are you ready to weld with precision and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights? Look no further than AQC Welding Institute – where welding…
QC course for mechanical Engineers
1 November 2023

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Mastering Mechanical Quality Control -QC Course

Quality control  – QC course is a crucial aspect of mechanical engineering, ensuring that products and systems meet the required standards and specifications. Introduction to Quality Control: Understanding the importance of quality control in mechanical engineering. Historical perspective and the evolution of quality control. …
Non Destructive Testing
3 June 2022


NDT institutes in Coimbatore

NDT Training: AQC- Advanced Quality Centre – NDT Institutes in Coimbatore provide World class trainings, certifications & online courses for Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Inspections, Painting Inspections, welding course in Coimbatore, safety trainings & Industrial testing services. The trainings are provided by engineers experienced in…
Acceptance Criteria for Liquid Penetrant Testing -LPT
30 June 2021

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Acceptance Criteria for Liquid Penetrant Testing -LPT

Acceptance Criteria for Liquid Penetrant Testing -LPT as per ASME , AWS and API standards Liquid penetrant testing simply called as PT. Sometimes Dye Penetrant Testing is a surface defect detection NDT  method and is more sensitive to all kind of surface defects, such as…
QC course content
18 June 2021

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QC Course Content

The below are the brief of the QC Course Content for Engineers and mechanical Engineers. The program is additional course for Mechanical Engineers which prepare them for expertise in field of mechanical engineering , and…
cast iron
24 May 2021

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Cast Iron and Its Types

What is a cast iron? Cast iron are ferrous alloys with greater than 2% carbon. They also contain small amounts of other materials such as silicon, sulphur, manganese, & phosphorous. In general it consists alloys of carbon & iron. They are the least expensive of all metals and…
20 May 2021

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AQC- Quality Assurance Glossary

Quality Assurance Glossary This blog gives you the abbreviations and definitions of terms used in quality Assurance department. Abbreviations The following abbreviations apply to this Project Quality Plan: BOM                         Bill of Material CAV                          Characteristic Accountability and               Verification CAR                          Corrective Action Request CAPA                       Corrective Action…
Quality control certification
4 May 2021

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Quality Control QC course on Advanced Quality Tools

Quality is a characteristic which defines the products degree of serving the purpose and life of the product. Quality is the most essential, among the objectives to be achieved to run a successful company,  it is the most important tool to earn customers faith.