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UT Inspection services

What is Ultrasonic Testing?

Ultrasonic Testing is utilization of High frequency sound waves which are not audible to human ears to measure any wall thickness or to detect internal defects in materials

UT Inspection can be done in any material and any defect can be found, except that low thickness material and near surface defects can only be found by most advanced machine and technologies such as Phased array ultrasonic.

Conventional Ultrasonic Testing can detect defects in almost any material except poor grain structured material and conventional UT can detect defect in material more than 8 mm thickness, and it cannot find surface and sub surface defects

But advanced UT techniques can detect defects in material even at lesser thickness material such as 1mm and even less, UT methods such as immersion testing even find sub surface defects.

A Typical Ultrasonic Flaw detector machine and setup is shown in the above image, Price of UT machine is form $1300 (2 Lakhs INR) to $13000 (10 lakhs) and advanced UT machine goes more than $80000 (INR 60 lakhs) and even up to few crores, for best rates of UT flaw detector  visit or call +91 8668082413

Also we train you for carrying out UT inspection service and certify with ASNT level  II certifications.

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