Heat Treatment of metals is the process in which a metal is heated beyond its critical temperature and cooled in a controlled environment to make desirable changes in its internal micro structural properties and chemical properties to obtain a desired structure.

Heat Treatment -Types

1.1 Different types of Heat Treatment  are:

    • Annealing
        1. Full annealing
        2. Process annealing
        3. Stress relief annealing
        4. Recrystallisation annealing
        5. Spheroidise annealing
    • Normalising
    • Hardening
    • Tempering
    • Martempering
    • Austempering
    • Case Hardening
        1. Carburising
        2. Nitriding
        3. Cyaniding
        4. Carbonnitriding
        5. Flame Hardening
        6. Induction Hardening

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