Scope of NDT Certification

The below instructions answers the questions
  • What is NDT ?
  • What is NDT and what is it used for ?
  • Why is NDT Necessary ?
  • When is NDT Necessary ?
  • IS NDT Certifications use Full ?
  • What are certifications in NDT ?
  • What is the fees for NDT certification ?

NDT is called Non Destructive Testing and sometimes referred to as Non Destructive Examination, i.e examining a material without breaking it or without affecting its properties. The techniques are used to identify defects inside the material and to measure them, or sometimes it is simply used to measure the dimension of the material.

Scope of NDT

What is the scope for NDT ?

NDT has a vast scope and its application extends to almost all the manufacturing industries. From food processing and export to aerospace missile manufacturing industries .

NDT in Aerospace-AQC

Few of the most familiar applications of NDT are as below :
  • Foundry or Steel Plants
  • Automobile industry
  • Railways
  • Shipping Industry
  • Defense components manufacturing
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Aerospace components manufacturing
  • Lifting equipments manufacturing and maintenance
  • Cross country Pipelines laying and maintenance
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Oil Extraction Plants and Rigging wells
  • Power plant s & Industry Constructions
  • Bridges and Civil Construction
  • Composite materials and Research .

The above mentioned are only few broad categories of field where Non Destructive Testing is implemented. The NDT is simply a tool which can be used in almost every industry to avoid the risk of defective product and to save a huge amount of money and good reputation to our industry.

NDT in Railways

What are NDT methods ?

The are many non destructive testing methods recognized by standards organization such as ASNT, ASME, ISO , BS EN, JIS, ANZ, DIN, etc

Few of the NDT methods are given below:

  • Radiography Testing . X RAY
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Microwave Testing
  • Acoustic Emission Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • Far Field Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Laser Testing
  • Thermography
  • Radar Testing
  • Visual Testing and much more
What are NDT certifications available ?

To perform any NDT Method , a minimal training and certification in the particular method is essential when it comes to industry. There are many globally recognized certifications available. Few of which are given below

  • ASNT Level I, II, III NDT Certifications as SNT-TC-1A
  • ISO 9712 – Level 1, 2 , 3 NDT Certifications
  • BINDT PCN Certifications
  • TWI CSWIP NDT Certifications
  • CWB NDT Certifications Level 1 &2 and much more
What is the NDT Course fees ?

NDT Course fees or Cost of NDT personal certification varies, based on which standard we are acquiring the certification. It varies from .20,000 (INR) to 2,50,000 (INR) based on the selection of standard.

Which NDT Certification standard to Choose?

Choose wisely the NDT Certification standard and decide based on the area we are targeting to work. If you are planning to work local choose the certification standard which are required for the local companies. If you are planning to migrate to a different region for work , then choose certificate standard which are required for the companies in the foreign country which you are planning to migrate.

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