23 April 2022


Dissimilar metal in TIG Welding process

Why use this TIG welding process: TIG Tungsten Inert Gas otherwise called as GTAW- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding , Involves melting the metal using the arc created by tungsten electrode, The welding can be done with or without filler metal, Argon Gas is used as shielding around…
welding symbols
20 April 2022



WELDING FOR JOISTS AND FINISHING OF MACHINING RAILS Unless otherwise authorized by the engineer, any welding to the top flange of steel members for supporting floor form joists and finishing machine rails will not be permitted. Welding of hangers and supports to shear studs will…
NDT testing
9 April 2022


NDT Methods Selection

NDT Method Selection: The NDT (nondestructive testing) methods are:   Visual Inspection – VT Liquid Penetrant Testing – LT Magnetic Particle Testing – MT Radiographic Testing – RT Ultrasonic Testing – UT Eddy Current Testing – ET (not used in field inspection) Acoustic Emission Testing –…