Why use this TIG welding process:

TIG Tungsten Inert Gas otherwise called as GTAW- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding , Involves melting the metal using the arc created by tungsten electrode,

The welding can be done with or without filler metal,

Argon Gas is used as shielding around the weld area, to shield the weld from atmospheric gases.

As an inert gas is used for shielding the weld, the quality of weld is good without any Slag inclusions and good weld profile.

TIG welding is selected to receive a high quality welds for analysis purposes


Where we use dissimilar metals ?

Dissimilar metals are used in process pipe line industry, heat exchangers, boilers and Structural steel fabrication industry.

SS 304/ SS316 (Austenitic Stainless Steel )

ASTM A -210  (Medium Carbon Steel)

ASTM  A-36  (Low Carbon Steel )


Types of Weld Joint :

Butt Joint, T Joint, Lap Joint , Corner Joint, Edge Joint

Types of Joint Configuration:

Joint Design:


Why we use Butt Joints

To carry out the study of difference in mechanical properties of weld between different metals, the below tests are to be carried out

  • Tensile Test ( for Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, % of Elongation, % of Reduction)
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Hardness Test

In order to carry out a tensile test a Full penetration butt weld is required.

Why we use Dissimilar metal in TIG Welding?

TIG Welding is a versatile welding process, which can be used for high quality welding,

Dissimilar Welds are made due to a design requirement , the joining of two metals  with different chemical properties.

Dissimilar weld can also be made with Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), and many other processes.

Which Filler Metal is used ?

Base metal Grades Description Electrode Used
SS304 to SS 304 SS to SS SS 308
SS 304 to ASTM A201 SS to Medium Carbon Steel SS 309
SS 304 to ASTM A 36 SS to Low Carbon Steel SS 309


Electrode: As a common the Electrode used in TIG welding is Tungsten used because of its high melting temperature, the fusing metal is supplied additional as filler metal.

SS 308 Filler metal is used for SS to SS weld because of its similar chemical and mechanical property.

SS 309 Filler metal is used for SS to MS weld because of its higher Ferrite content, which will reduce weld dilution and avoid weld cracking .

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