NDT Method Selection:

The NDT (nondestructive testing) methods are:


  1. Visual Inspection – VT
  2. Liquid Penetrant Testing – LT
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing – MT
  4. Radiographic Testing – RT
  5. Ultrasonic Testing – UT
  6. Eddy Current Testing – ET (not used in field inspection)
  7. Acoustic Emission Testing – AET (not used in field inspection)
  8. Phased Array Ultrasonics – PA
  9. Time Of Flight Diffraction TOFD

Since each NDT methods has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and some are better suited than others for a particular application, the NDT technician or engineer must select the method that will detect the defect or make the measurement with the highest sensitivity and reliability. The cost effectiveness of the technique must also be taken into consideration.

The following table provides some guidance in the selection of NDT methods for common flaw detection and measurement applications.

NDT methods

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