Ultrsonic testing
12 January 2021


Ultrasonic testing Couplants

A study on the couplant effects in contact ultrasonic testing. The primary purpose of a couplant is to provide a suitable sound path between the transducer and the test surface.Ultrasonic Testing couplants usage can be seen here A couplant must effectively wet or totally…
concrete testing hammer
4 January 2021


Rebound Hammer Test-Non Destructive testing on Concrete

Non destructive testing for concrete Non Destructive Testing is the process of detecting the quality without destructing the material or without changing its actual properties. Rebound Hammer is also called as Schmidt hammer or Swiss Hammer or Concrete hammer test. This NDT method is used to detect…
welding inspector courservices
28 December 2020


Welding inspection Methods

Welding is a process of joining metals by process of heating.  Most of the weld made are manual. It is possible that the weld may have various defect formation due to parameters of welding and poor workmanship. Why is Welding Inspection Methods  important? Therefore the weld…
penetrant testing
22 December 2020


Procedure for Liquid Penetrant examination

LIQUID PENETRANT EXAMINATION (PT) Pentrant Testing is surface defects detection method, the method can be used on any material ( i.e: Ferrous/ non-ferrous, conductive/ non conductive, metals/ non metals) But PT is limited to materials having porous surface or very rough surface. PT can be carried out…
ndt course in coimbatore
12 December 2020


What is eddy current testing in NDT?

What is an Eddy Current? Eddy currents are currents that circulate in conductors like swirling eddies (a whirlpool) in a stream. They are induced by changing magnetic fields and flow in closed loops, perpendicular to the plane of the magnetic field.
8 December 2020


Discontinuities in Ultrasonic Testing in NDT

This blog will discuss types of discontinuities that can be evaluated with the ultrasonic testing in NDT method. Discontinuities can be divided into three general categories inherent, processing and service Inherent discontinuities are usually formed when the metal is molten. Inherent wrought discontinuities relate to the…
ndt jobs in india
5 December 2020

Job Assistance

NDT jobs in India

Ndt jobs in India Ndt jobs in tamilnadu Ndt jobs in abroad Ndt jobs in gulf countries Are you looking for any of the searches on this You can find the scope of these here Non destructive testing is method of testing implemented in almost all fabrication industries Application of NDT…
Visual Testing example
4 December 2020


Visual Testing in NDT (Non destructive testing)

Visual Testing in NDT: Visual Inspection is method of visually inspecting the material for deciding the acceptablility of the material. Infact it is the very first inspection method in Non Destructive Testing methods. Sometimes the Visual Inspection is carried out with aid of additional Instruments and Devices…
Radiography Testing
26 November 2020


Radiography Testing procedure

An Important principle of Radiography Testing procedure is How to arrange for Radiography Testing? Radiography is Non destructive testing method, which utilizes penetrating electromagnetic radiation for capturing the volumetric images of an object on film or digitally in a computer. Radiography testing broadly uses any of the…
infrared thermography
20 November 2020


ThermographyTesting – NonDestructive Testing Method

ThermographyTesting – NonDestructive Testing Method that involves visualization of heat radiations from an object and the method is a non contact inspection technique, . It is also simply called as IR – Infrared Thermography, Thermal Imaging technique or Thermography.