Ultrasonic Testing

In Ultrasonic Testing we use something called “Ultrasonic Vibrations” we must know two facts about a vibration:

  1. A vibration is a back and forth movement.
  2. A vibration is energy in motion

A depression of a surface from its normal position is called a displacement.

ultra sonic testing- AQC Inspection

Vibrations pass through a solid material as a succession of particle displacements; this can be visualized as shown below:

ultrasonic test principle

The structure of a material is actually many small particles or groups of atoms.

These particles have normal or rest positions and can be displaced from these positions by some force, when the force is removed, the particles will tend to return to their original positions.

Energy is transmitted through a solid material by a serious of small material displacements within the material.

ut testing sample-AQC Inspection

The transmission of Ultrasonic vibrations through a material is related to the elastic properties of the material.

In Ultrasonic Testing a transducer made of Piezo-electric crystals is used for creating and receiving such ultrasonic vibrations.

ndt ultrasonic testing graph

The below are the ISO reference standards for Ultrasonic Testing

  1. REFERENCES (Latest Edition and Revision)


  • ISO 17640, Non Destructive Testing of Welds- Ultrasonic Testing – Techniques, Testing Levels & Assessment
  • ISO 5817, Welding- Fusion Welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys – quality levels for imperfections
  • ISO 9712, Non Destructive Testing – Qualification and certification of personnel
  • ISO 11666:2010, Non Destructive Testing of welds- Ultrasonic Testing of welded joints- Acceptance Levels
  • ISO 23279, Non Destructive Testing of welds- Ultrasonic Testing- Characterization of indications in welds
  • ISO 17635, Non Destructive Testing of welds- General rules for metallic materials
  • EN 583-1, Non Destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Examination- General Principles


The Procedure for Ultrasonic Testing shall be prepared based on the requirement of inspection and all the above mentioned  ISO standards should be referred for the test procedure preparation,  let us know for guidance of Ultrasonic Testing Procedure preparation .

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