Welding procedure specification
17 September 2021


Recommendations for Welding

We would see about Recommendations for Welding of Structural Steel as per AWS D1.1 , 2020 revision Groove Weld: (Clause 4.4.1) Weld Length : shall be the width of the parts joined , perpendicular to the direction of compressive or tensile stress, Weld Size:  Thickness of thinner…
Welding standards
21 August 2021


Weld Position- Fillet Welds

Fillet Weld Positions The advantage of the fillet-welded joint is that it’s unnecessary to prepare the edges of the plates or sheets for welding. Double fillet-welded joints are an improvement over single-fillet joints because they can withstand loads from more than one direction. Three of the…
aws standards
14 August 2021



Standards for Welding Positions: It is very important for the Weld Inspector to know the position, or location of a joint relative to the horizon, because it may determine what welding process, methods, and techniques can be used. Welding is usually easiest when the welder can…