Weld scanning
11 March 2024


Probe Selection for Ultrasonic Scanning of welds

Ultrasonic testing involves sound waves , that is otherwise called as vibration traveling inside a medium , the ultrasonic sound waves gets reflected back whenever there is change in a material ( different acoustic impedance ) ,  the reflection is more when the sound…
QC course for mechanical Engineers
1 November 2023

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Mastering Mechanical Quality Control -QC Course

Quality control  – QC course is a crucial aspect of mechanical engineering, ensuring that products and systems meet the required standards and specifications. Introduction to Quality Control: Understanding the importance of quality control in mechanical engineering. Historical perspective and the evolution of quality control. …
ndt courses
16 October 2023


Navigating the Future of NDT Courses : Trends and Innovations

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), staying current with the latest trends and innovations is crucial for professionals and students alike. NDT courses plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and integrity of structures, components, and materials across various industries. As…
QC course for mechanical Engineers
7 October 2022


QC course for Mechanical Engineers

Part time QC course for Mechanical Engineers Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department is a satisfying career field, and is one among the core job. Quality Assurance and Quality Control nowadays had become essential in all industries, particularly in manufacturing and construction industries. It may include…
NDT on shafts
5 September 2022


NDT on Shafts

Non Destructive Testing,NDT on Shafts is considered essential , because the shafts are mostly made as load bearing structures, any defects such as cracks will propagate more during acting of load and eventually will cause failure. The most possible defects in shafts are Cracks and…
Non Destructive Testing
3 June 2022


NDT institutes in Coimbatore

NDT Training: AQC- Advanced Quality Centre – NDT Institutes in Coimbatore provide World class trainings, certifications & online courses for Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Inspections, Painting Inspections, welding course in Coimbatore, safety trainings & Industrial testing services. The trainings are provided by engineers experienced in…
welding procedure
27 May 2022


Welding Safety

Welding Safety with Gas Cylinders On an oxyacetylene system there will be three types of valves, the cylinder valve, the regulator valve, and the torch valve. There will always be a set of three valves for each system, since  the gas in the cylinders is…
Welding procedure specification
18 May 2022


Safety and Precautions during welding

As in any welding process, safety precautions are very important. All information relating to the safe operation of the welding equipment and process must be fully understood before beginning work. A careless welder who does not observe some simple rules can cause a dangerous situation…
Welder Qualification
3 May 2022


Weld crack

Weld crack   1.1. Cracking: If a weld crack is found, it must be removed and magnetic-particle inspection performed to ensure every point has been removed before re-welding. Weld Crack can occur on top of a weld…
welding institute
23 April 2022


Dissimilar metal in TIG Welding process

Why use this TIG welding process: TIG Tungsten Inert Gas otherwise called as GTAW- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding , Involves melting the metal using the arc created by tungsten electrode, The welding can be done with or without filler metal, Argon Gas is used as shielding around…