cast iron
24 May 2021

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Cast Iron and Its Types

What is a cast iron? Cast iron are ferrous alloys with greater than 2% carbon. They also contain small amounts of other materials such as silicon, sulphur, manganese, & phosphorous. In general it consists alloys of carbon & iron. They are the least expensive of all metals and…
ultra sonic testing services
2 March 2021


Sensitivity setting for ultrasonic testing as per ISO 17640

Range and Sensitivity Setting  for Ultrasonic testing Setting of range and sensitivity shall be carried out prior to each testing in according to this procedure. The temprture difference between the time of range and sensitivity setting and time of test should be within ± 15°C. Checks…
ndt testing on pressure vessel
20 February 2021


Pressure Vessel Inspection- Non Destructive Testing In Service

What is pressure vessel? Pressure vessel is closed container which holds liquids or gasses at a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure. Definition of Pressure vessel as per ASME BPVC section VIII , Div 1, U1. Pressure vessel are containers for containment of pressure, either external…
Visual Testing example
4 December 2020


Visual Testing in NDT (Non destructive testing)

Visual Testing in NDT: Visual Inspection is method of visually inspecting the material for deciding the acceptablility of the material. Infact it is the very first inspection method in Non Destructive Testing methods. Sometimes the Visual Inspection is carried out with aid of additional Instruments and Devices…