welding procedure
14 November 2023


Welding Procedure Qualification – WPS/PQR Plan

Scope of Work: Welding test coupons and qualification of Welding Procedure in reference with International standard ASME BPVC Section IX , revision 2021. Procedure for WPS/PQR: 1) Preparation of test coupon ofdimension:150x350mm Plate 10mm thick as shown in figure1 (qualification range 1.5mm to 20mm- full penetration, Fillet- all…
welding symbols
28 October 2021



Elements of  Welding Symbols: The first concepts the Welding Inspector must understand very well, are the welding symbols and how to interpret them on drawings. The reference line of the welding symbol, as shown below, is used to designate the type of weld to be…
Brazing procedure Qualification
7 May 2021


Brazing Procedure Qualification

Brazing is a process of joining dis-similar metal, where as welding is a process of joining similar metal. In this blog we can see about some of the details in Brazing procedure qualification Brazing involves melting of filler metal and flowing over the joining surfaces….