Scope of Work:

Welding test coupons and qualification of Welding Procedure in reference with International standard ASME BPVC Section IX , revision 2021.

Procedure for WPS/PQR:

1) Preparation of test coupon ofdimension:150x350mm Plate 10mm thick as shown in figure1 (qualification
range 1.5mm to 20mm- full penetration, Fillet- all the thickness)

2) Fit-up of Butt joint and inspection of root gap, bevel angle and support (Butt qualifies both Butt and

3) Welding of test coupon with compatible electrode and suitable weld parameters (qualifies all electrodes
in same F Number )

4) Recording of weld parameters such as current ,voltage, gas flow rate ,travel speed, preheat, PWHT if
required as per standard & Heat Input value (in KJ/mm)

5) Visual Inspection & acceptance by TWI CSWIP Inspector/ AWS Inspector , as required by client

6) Penetrant test of Test Coupons

7) Machining of samples & mechanical tests such as tensile test, bend tests as required in referencing Code/Standard.

8) Preparation &review of PQR/WPS Welding Procedure Specification & Welder Qualification Certificate in format of referencing international standard

9) Review of test reports ,WPS, PQR & Welder certificates by Authorized Inspector

10) Note: All welders appearing for welder qualification test should weld an individual test coupon of size 10 thkx150x300mm minimum, weld to be performed in a position required for the qualification such as 2G/ 3G/ 4G any.

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