What is Welding?

Process of joining similar metals, (or thermoplastic)

  1.   By heating them to suitable temperature
  2.   May or may not require pressure.
  3.   May or may not require Filler metal

What is Brazing ?

Process of joining dis-similar metals, by melting and pouring the filler metal.

  1. Both the metals are pre-heated to a suitable temperature
  2. Filler metals fills the joint gap by capillary action

What is an Welding Electrode ?

  1. An Current Conductor in which a arc is created at its edge due to minor air gap between itself and its oppositely charged Conductor
  2. An Electrode may be consumable (such as in SMAW/ GMAW) or Non Consumable (such as in Electric Resistance Weld / TIG Weld)

What is a Filler Metal in Welding ?

  1. Additional metal used for joining of two metals during the process of welding or Brazing or Soldering.
  2. A Filler metal may be a separate Rod / Wire / Powder / Consumable Insert or it may also be a consumable Electrode (such as in SMAW or GMAW weld)

Filler material

Difference between Filler metal and Electrode:

  1. Both are related to ARC Welding Process
  2. Electrode is that which carries current to the job in the welding circuit and Filler metals is that fills the required area with metals.
  3. But in a few Welding Process the Electrode also acts as a Filler metals by becoming a consumable electrode (Example: Manual Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding,Submerged Arc Welding )

What is F Number for Electrodes?

F Number is a designation used for Grouping of Filler metals based on their usability and make selection of alternate filler metals easy when it comes to a Welder Qualifications and Welding
Procedure Qualification

For more detailed definitions , refer the standard AWS A3.0 ,or feel free to contact us

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