Non Destructive Testing course
6 November 2020


What is Non Destructive Testing ?

Non Destructive Testing , NDT , is industrial method for analyzing the characteristics of material or finding the discontinuities in the material & Weld joints, without damaging the material. NDT is otherwise called as, Non Destructive Evaluation –NDE, Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) and it a…
Ultrsonic testing
16 October 2020


Principle of Ultrasonic Testing

This blog will let you know about the principle of Ultrasonic testing What is Ultrasonic Testing? Ultrasonic Testing Uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations & make measurements. It can be used for flaw detection, Dimensional measurements.
part time QC courses
1 October 2020

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Part Time QC courses

What is Quality control? Quality Control (QC) is a department in industries which carries activities of quality inspection, testing and ensures Quality of the product is up to the required standards. But the quality control engineers have various up gradation for attaining high paid jobs by…
QA/ QC course
14 July 2020

Job Assistance

Non Destructive Testing – NDT jobs in Canada

Non Destructive Testing has a lot of scope in Canada and European Countries. Here we provide the procedures for getting Canada Visa and get NDT jobs in Canada How to apply for a Canadian PR (Permanent Residency)? Check your Eligibility for Express Entry Express Entry is…
17 June 2020


Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline.

Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline: Oil and gas pipelines are designed with wall thickness considering the facts of Design pressure + Corrosion allowance +safety factor. Corrosion thickness testing Using UTT: The corrosion allowance is decided by pre-existing data of…
QA/ QC course
26 May 2020


Online Course for QA QC

Advanced Quality Centre provides Online Course for QA QC With International Certification for Job Introduction: Quality Assurance and Quality Control are departments that plays major role in all industries to ensure delivery of quality products, Quality Assurance is monitoring and documentation of Quality Control Activities, Quality…
qa/qc course for mechanical engineers
19 May 2020


QA/QC course for Mechanical Engineers

qa/qc Course For Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineering is a study of solids or material science their physical properties, design, methods of analysis, manufacturing & testing. Mechanical Engineering students after completion of their Degree or Diploma, they can be placed in industry at various departments of…
Non Destructive Testing
18 May 2020


Best NDT Company in Coimbatore

 Non Destructive Testing is a smart quality control method that is done the components at various stages, on raw materials, after machining and after some period of service. What does this NDT company do? Non Destructing Testing is a little investment which saves a huge…
12 May 2020


Why is X ray or radiography testing RT done in industries?

The metallic or non-metallic components manufactured in industries are possibly having various inherent defects few of which are mentioned below: Casting Defects:– Blow holes, Shrinkage, Porosity, Pipes, Inclusions, Cold shut, Mis-run, Hot tears, segregation. To know more in detail about the causes and types of…
QA QC course certification
8 May 2020


QA QC course certification

What are the additional Courses required for Engineering Jobs? Do you know the importance QA QC course certification and other such International certifications are important? Lets see here For Placement, it is required for engineering fresher to upgrade himself with an engineering and technician job certification. The…