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12 January 2024


Welder Training at AQC school of Welding Excellance

🔥 Forge Your Future in Welding Excellence! Enroll at AQC School of Welding Excellance Today! 🔥   Are you passionate about welding and ready to turn that passion into a lucrative career? Look no further! 🛠️ Here’s why AQC Welding training school is the gateway to…
29 December 2023


What is Brazing ? Where is brazing process used ?

Brazing Process We Advanced Quality Centre, AQC School of Welding Excellence , train Welders , Brazing operators and Soldering applicator in our in house facility and other industrial facility , we train from scratch and make the  experts  in them. This blog answers the below basic…
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5 December 2023

Recent Projects, Training

Forge Mastery at AQC Welding Institute

🌟 Forge Mastery at AQC Welding Institute – Where Precision and Quality Unite! 🌟 🔥 Ignite Your Welding Journey with Unparalleled Expertise! 🔥 Are you ready to weld with precision and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights? Look no further than AQC Welding Institute – where welding…
welder qualification
8 August 2022


Types of Weld Joints

Here we are going to see about two types of weld Joints Groove Welds Fillet Welds Dimensions 1.1.  Groove Welds: In the following figures, the perspective drawings of types of weld joints are shown at the left, looking at each joint from the arrow side. The…
welding procedure
8 July 2022



Welding Inspection duties General Conditions:    Understand shop drawings, erection drawings, referenced codes and standards. Review the manufacturer’s Material Test Report (MTR). Verify all materials properties and that all materials are readily identifiable and traceable to an MTR.    Conduct a complete visual examination…
visual inspection on welding
23 June 2022


Training Institute for Welding and NDT

Equipment’s required for Welding Institute set up. Welding is a process of joining metals or nonmetals such as plastic. There are different types of welding, and few of them are as below. SMAW- Shielded Metal Arc Welding (commonly…
17 June 2022


Material Testing

Material testing Mechanical testing  have been designed to test several weld properties.Few other material testing techniques are Charpy V-Notch Toughness: Notch toughness is the capacity that a material possesses to absorb energy in the presence of a flaw, such as a notch or crack. The material will…
welding procedure
27 May 2022


Welding Safety

Welding Safety with Gas Cylinders On an oxyacetylene system there will be three types of valves, the cylinder valve, the regulator valve, and the torch valve. There will always be a set of three valves for each system, since  the gas in the cylinders is…
Welding procedure specification
18 May 2022


Safety and Precautions during welding

As in any welding process, safety precautions are very important. All information relating to the safe operation of the welding equipment and process must be fully understood before beginning work. A careless welder who does not observe some simple rules can cause a dangerous situation…
Welder Qualification
3 May 2022


Weld crack

Weld crack   1.1. Cracking: If a weld crack is found, it must be removed and magnetic-particle inspection performed to ensure every point has been removed before re-welding. Weld Crack can occur on top of a weld…