welding procedure
14 November 2023


Welding Procedure Qualification – WPS/PQR Plan

Scope of Work: Welding test coupons and qualification of Welding Procedure in reference with International standard ASME BPVC Section IX , revision 2021. Procedure for WPS/PQR: 1) Preparation of test coupon ofdimension:150x350mm Plate 10mm thick as shown in figure1 (qualification range 1.5mm to 20mm- full penetration, Fillet- all…
Welder training in coimbatore
10 October 2020


Welder Qualification Certificate

Welding Welding – Process of joining similar metals (or thermoplastic). By heating them to suitable temperature May or may not require pressure May or may not require Filler metal Brazing -Process of joining dis-similar metals. By Melting and pouring the filler metal and pouring…