visual inspection on welding
24 June 2020


What is stud welding?

Studs are welded to steel structures for the purpose of anchoring. They are used as anchoring for Concretes, Insulation etc., The studs may be threaded or headed bolts.The stud is inserted into the chuck of the welding…
welding procedure
27 May 2020


How to get Welder Certificate?

What is welder qualification test? Welder Certificate is a document that shows ability of a welder to make a quality weld in a particular welding process. The Certificate also denotes on which type of welding material and…
welder qualification
4 May 2020


Welder Certificate Approval by Welding Institute

How to make Welder Qualification ? Generally welder qualification test is made in the same industry facility.The company should possess their own welding Procedure Specification WPS for qualification of Welder. How to get this  Welder Certificate Approval by Welding Institute . Lets see in this…
welding inspector courservices
4 May 2020


What is WPS?

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is an industrial format procedure which consists of instructions how a particular welding should be made. It consists of all essential variables based on which only the company shall perform a welding. If any parameter goes above or below the…
welder qualification
1 May 2020


What is Welder Qualification Certificate ?

Welding is a process of joining similar metal by process of heating and melting the base metals to its melting point. The melted base metals are contacted and allowed to cool for solidification and hence the weld joint is made. A welder who does…
ndt services
28 April 2020


NDT services on Railway Components

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is required on most of metal components of Indian Railways during procurement of raw materials or on completion of machining and fabrication. NDT services  such as Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT), Liquid Penetrant Testing(LPT), Radiography Testing (RT) &Visual Inspection Testing(VT). The…
20 April 2020


Welding Inspection – NDT services

NDT methods for Welding Inspection Welding is a process of joining two metals by heating both the metals. Heating of metals may be carried out various process based on which welding is broadly classified as Arc welding – by creating an electric arc. Gas welding…
14 March 2020

Recent Projects

Welder qualification, wps for Cegelec oil and gas projects

We at AQC Advanced Quality Centre provide Welder qualification, wps (welding procedure specification), NDT(Non destructive testing). Other testing services Penetrant Testing ,Ultrasonic UT testing, RT(radiography testing), material testing ,tensile test, chemical testing, bend test and hardness tests. Our project Cegelec…
QC course for mechanical Engineers
10 March 2020


Non Destructive Testing Services Providers

                Advanced Quality Centre is one of the leading non destructive testing services providers that focus on the perfect quality checking for all materials. AQC has achieved tremendous recognition as one of the top non destructive testing services providers. We are well…