Fillet Weld Types:

  1. The single-fillet-welded T-joints are indicated from both the arrow side and the other side. The symbol for a double fillet-welded T-joint is also Note that the assembly of two T-joints welded pieces involves four fillet welds represented by two double-fillet-weld symbols.

fillet welding

2.Fillet Combined The most common fillet weld in conjunction with a bevel- or J-groove weld. The fillet weld types can be added if the bevel- or J-groove weld is on a corner or a T-joint.

fillet welding

3. Fillet Weld Root Penetration. Weld penetration beyond the depth of the groove is indicated below. The first dimension gives the depth of penetration into the groove; the second dimension gives the additional penetration into the joint.

root penetration

4. Dimensioning Fillet Weld Symbols. Take pattern on the desired sizes of fillet welds, because welders usually can’t determine the dimensions of the parts to be The drawings of the welded joints are shown on the left and the dimensioned symbol for each joint is shown on the right.

Flare V-groove Welding Symbols:

The flare-V-groove weld is created when two flanged relatively thin sheets or plates are joined. This joint shape is different from the conventional V and so needs a different symbol.

groove welding

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