What is Quality control?

Quality Control (QC) is a department in industries which carries activities of quality inspection, testing and ensures Quality of the product is up to the required standards.

But the quality control engineers have various up gradation for attaining high paid jobs by being a certified competent.

Quality control certification

Few of the courses and certifications for which part time QC courses and full time courses are given below :

  1. Ultrasonic Testing Course
  2. Advanced Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT, TOFD)
  3. Liquid Penetrant Testing
  4. Magnetic Particle Testing
  5. Radiography Testing
  6. Digital Radiography
  7. Visual Testing certification
  8. Geometric Dimension & Tolerencing
  9. Welding Inspection courses
  10. API courses (510,570,653)
  11. Welding Inspector CSWIP 3.1
  12. Painting Inspections BGAS
  13. ISO Internal & Lead Auditor Courses
  14. CMM Operator Course
  15. 6 SIGMA Certifications And lot more…

The above mentioned certifications shows our competency that we are trained and qualified to do the operation.

Industrial standards allow only the competent persons to perform the specific tasks.

Advanced Quality Centre is a dedicated Training Institute which trains and certifies with such globally recognized certifications.

The trainings are handled by trainers having more than decades of Industrially experienced .The trainers are also foreign experienced  will  provide with guidance towards career growth.

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