painting inspection
5 May 2020


Liquid Penetrant Testing PT/LPT Inspection Service

PT / LPT Liquid Penetrant Testing inspection services are carried out for finding Surface defects, on almost any material except very rough or porous surface materials such as poor cast iron material. Advanced Quality Centre offers…
welder qualification
1 May 2020


What is Welder Qualification Certificate ?

Welding is a process of joining similar metal by process of heating and melting the base metals to its melting point. The melted base metals are contacted and allowed to cool for solidification and hence the weld joint is made. A welder who does…
ndt services
28 April 2020


NDT services on Railway Components

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is required on most of metal components of Indian Railways during procurement of raw materials or on completion of machining and fabrication. NDT services  such as Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT), Liquid Penetrant Testing(LPT), Radiography Testing (RT) &Visual Inspection Testing(VT). The…