ultra sonic testing services
10 June 2020


How is Ultrasonic testing used for finding defects?

How is Ultrasonic testing used for finding defects? All you need to know about Ultrasonic Testing from AQC- Best Ndt Training Institute and Ultrasonic Testing Service provider in Coimbatore , TamilNadu, India Ultrasonic Sound is sound propagating in higher frequencies that are not audible to…
Non Destructive Testing course
9 June 2020


Best NDT Training Institute

How to run a good training institute and become Best NDT Training Institute? NDT is Non destructive Testing.Testing of Materials for detection and locating of defects without destructing the material and also without changing…
QA/ QC course
26 May 2020


Online Course for QA QC

Advanced Quality Centre provides Online Course for QA QC With International Certification for Job Introduction: Quality Assurance and Quality Control are departments that plays major role in all industries to ensure delivery of quality products, Quality Assurance is monitoring and documentation of Quality Control Activities, Quality…
Non Destructive Testing
18 May 2020


Best NDT Company in Coimbatore

 Non Destructive Testing is a smart quality control method that is done the components at various stages, on raw materials, after machining and after some period of service. What does this NDT company do? Non Destructing Testing is a little investment which saves a huge…
12 May 2020


Why is X ray or radiography testing RT done in industries?

The metallic or non-metallic components manufactured in industries are possibly having various inherent defects few of which are mentioned below: Casting Defects:– Blow holes, Shrinkage, Porosity, Pipes, Inclusions, Cold shut, Mis-run, Hot tears, segregation. To know more in detail about the causes and types of…
UT Inspection services
5 May 2020


UT Inspection Service

Advanced Quality Centre offers India’s best Ultrasonic Testing UT Inspection Service and we are the most trusted and reliable testing company. What is Ultrasonic Testing? Ultrasonic Testing is utilization of High frequency sound waves which are…
5 May 2020


Radiography Testing or X –Ray Testing Services

Radiography Testing is a volumetric defect detection method, the NDT method can identify any defects in any material and any locations. How are these Radiography Testing services used in NDT inspections? Difference between RT Radiography and…
painting inspection
5 May 2020


Liquid Penetrant Testing PT/LPT Inspection Service

PT / LPT Liquid Penetrant Testing inspection services are carried out for finding Surface defects, on almost any material except very rough or porous surface materials such as poor cast iron material. Advanced Quality Centre offers…
14 March 2020

Recent Projects

Welder qualification, wps for Cegelec oil and gas projects

We at AQC Advanced Quality Centre provide Welder qualification, wps (welding procedure specification), NDT(Non destructive testing). Other testing services Penetrant Testing ,Ultrasonic UT testing, RT(radiography testing), material testing ,tensile test, chemical testing, bend test and hardness tests. Our project Cegelec…
Non Destructive Testing
10 March 2020


Non Destructive Testing Services Providers

                Advanced Quality Centre is one of the leading non destructive testing services providers that focus on the perfect quality checking for all materials. AQC has achieved tremendous recognition as one of the top non destructive testing services providers. We are well…