3 November 2020


Difference between Destructive and Non Destructive testing

Get the Difference between Destructive and Non Destructive testing here: Non Destructive Testing  (NDT): NDT is industrial method for analyzing the characteristics of material or finding the discontinuities in the material & Weld joints, without damaging the material. NDT is otherwise called as, Non Destructive Evaluation –NDE….
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
29 October 2020


What is Ultrasonic Thickness Testing ?

Ultrasonic Testing Ultrasonic Testing utilizes high frequency sound waves which are not audible to human ears. The Ultrasonic sound waves are used for measurements of thickness of any material. General frequency used in ultrasonic thickness measurements probe is 5 Mega Hertz and above. The probe is placed over…
Ultrsonic testing
16 October 2020


Principle of Ultrasonic Testing

This blog will let you know about the principle of Ultrasonic testing What is Ultrasonic Testing? Ultrasonic Testing Uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations & make measurements. It can be used for flaw detection, Dimensional measurements.
Gamma Radiographic testing - AQC
6 October 2020


What is Gamma Radiography Testing ?

What is Gamma Radiography Testing? Gamma rays are produced by a radio isotope. A radioisotope has an unstable nuclei that does not have enough binding energy to hold the nucleus together. The spontaneous breakdown of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of energy…
part time QC courses
1 October 2020

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Part Time QC courses

What is Quality control? Quality Control (QC) is a department in industries which carries activities of quality inspection, testing and ensures Quality of the product is up to the required standards. But the quality control engineers have various up gradation for attaining high paid jobs by…
Ultrasonic Testing
28 September 2020


Ultrasonic Testing for materials

What is Ultrasonic Testing? ULTRASONIC TESTING is a method for sending ultrasound into material and analyzing the returning sound waves for defect free components. It use scanning devices called probes. After application of Couplant over the material surface probe is place over the material. The sound travels…
15 September 2020


What is the Scope of NDT Certification

Scope of NDT Certification The below instructions answers the questions What is NDT ? What is NDT and what is it used for ? Why is NDT Necessary ? When is NDT Necessary ? IS NDT Certifications use Full ? What are certifications in NDT…
6 August 2020


Inspection test plan – QA QC Course for Mechanical Engineers

QA QC : Quality Control or Quality Assurance is most prioritized department in all industries ranging from Steel Plants to research and development projects. Quality Assurance is the act of streaming the manufacturing process in align with quality requirements Quality Control is the act of checking the…
Magnetic particle inspection
31 July 2020


Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) Method for Castings

Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI or Magnetic Particle Testing MT is the method for finding Linear Defects  in Ferro Magnetic Materials by utilization of Magnetic Field. Only ferromagnetic materials can be inspected using MPI test. The…
Standards on piping inspection
17 June 2020


Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline.

Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline: Oil and gas pipelines are designed with wall thickness considering the facts of Design pressure + Corrosion allowance +safety factor. Corrosion thickness testing Using UTT: The corrosion allowance is decided by pre-existing data of…