NDT on shafts
5 September 2022


NDT on Shafts

Non Destructive Testing,NDT on Shafts is considered essential , because the shafts are mostly made as load bearing structures, any defects such as cracks will propagate more during acting of load and eventually will cause failure. The most possible defects in shafts are Cracks and…
jobs in Oil and gas
14 July 2022


Oil and gas jobs

Below are the list of Oil Gas Companies  which might guide the Job seekers to apply and get oil and Gas Jobs opportunities / foreign jobs . People with various qualifications as Engineers of Process Engineering, Designing, Non Destructive Testing NDT, Welding Inspection, Instrumentation,  HVAC,…
1 July 2022


Steel Making Process

Steel Making Process Steel is an alloy of iron usually containing less than 1.5% carbon. Steel can be cast into bars, strips, sheets, nails, spikes, wire, rods or pipes as needed by the intended user. Steel making process  at an integrated steel plant involves three basic…
17 June 2022


Material Testing

Material testing Mechanical testing  have been designed to test several weld properties.Few other material testing techniques are Charpy V-Notch Toughness: Notch toughness is the capacity that a material possesses to absorb energy in the presence of a flaw, such as a notch or crack. The material will…
Non Destructive Testing
3 June 2022


NDT institutes in Coimbatore

NDT Training: AQC- Advanced Quality Centre – NDT Institutes in Coimbatore provide World class trainings, certifications & online courses for Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Inspections, Painting Inspections, welding course in Coimbatore, safety trainings & Industrial testing services. The trainings are provided by engineers experienced in…
Standards on piping inspection
7 May 2022


Pipe Line Isometric Drawings and P & ID Drawings

Pipe Isometrics : Are drawings which shows details of Process pipe lines in a single line presentation , with details of pipes, pipe connections ( valves, flanges, nipples, reducers, end cap, elbow, etc), along with the dimensions and direction of  pipe line. Example of a…
NDT testing
9 April 2022


NDT Methods Selection

NDT Method Selection: The NDT (nondestructive testing) methods are:   Visual Inspection – VT Liquid Penetrant Testing – LT Magnetic Particle Testing – MT Radiographic Testing – RT Ultrasonic Testing – UT Eddy Current Testing – ET (not used in field inspection) Acoustic Emission Testing –…
welding inspection
21 January 2022


Concepts of Welding Defects and Discontinuities

Welding defects can be classified as structural discontinuities and consist of: porosity, slag inclusions, lack of fusion, cracks, etc. Porosity is gas pockets or voids in the weld metal which are free of any solid materials, such as It is formed as a result…
8 January 2022


Fillet Weld Sizes as per AWS D1.1 & AWS D1.2

Fillet Weld Sizes as per AWS D1.1 & AWS D1.2 This blog here answers your questions about: What is the tolerance for Fillet weld sizes as per AWS D1.1 ? What is the weld size tolerance? What is the required fillet weld size for structures…
Course fees for NDT
31 December 2021


NDT Course fees

NDT Course fees depends on the type of NDT Course Selected, such a number of methods and the International standard chosen for the certification The Average course fees for General NDT course will be Rs.17500, This course fees Rs.17500 is for ASNT Level II Certification course…